Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment is a potent natural collagen stimulator and skin rejuvenator. The treatment refreshes and rejuvenates the skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and promotes new collagen production to encourage firmness, tone and texture.

The non- surgical procedure uses the plasma component from your own blood, which is rich in growth factors and proteins, this stimulates tissue repair and new collagen formation to stimulate collagen production.

PRP injections are commonly used for acne scarring, facial rejuvenation, improving complexion, skin texture and tone. PRP is also proven effective in the treatment of alopecia (hair loss).

Generally, 3-4 PRP treatments are required consecutively at 4-6 week intervals. A yearly booster is also advisable. It is important to understand that the full benefits of PRP may not take effect for several weeks, often 2-3 months, dependent on the type of tissue being treated.

Your Consultation

At your initial appointment, we conduct a comprehensive medical history and assessment to ensure PRP is appropriate for you. We discuss alternatives with you and encourage you to ask any questions and discuss any concerns you may have. We will then put together a treatment plan with you, including number of treatments required and expected outcomes, and ask you to read and sign a consent for the PRP treatment.


We start by drawing anywhere between 20 & 50mls of blood (usually from the veins in your arms) and add it to a centrifuge. This process separates the platelets from the other blood cells and also increases the concentration of platelets, sometimes by up to 5-10 times) leaving only the platelets rich in these essential growth factors.


This platelet-rich plasma is then injected back into the area requiring treatment. It is generally not painful however, as with all injections, there may be some mild

discomfort for which we use local anaesthetics and ice packs, if required.


You may experience superficial bruising/tenderness at the injection sites for several days afterwards but this should not be excessive and clients are generally able to drive themselves home after the appointment (although we do encourage you to sit and rest for a few minutes first).


Please allow one hour for your appointment.

Is PRP Safe?

PRP is generally safe for everyone. One important advantage is that because we are using your own blood products, there is almost no chance of a reaction or allergy (as there can be with many medications, current cosmetic injectables and/or traditional blood transfusions). However, please let us know if you have any of the following: Metastatic Cancer,Undergoing Chemotherapy, Platelet/Clotting Disorders (Thromobocytopenia/Haemophilia), Active Infections/Sepsis, Chronic Liver Disease, Taking Anti-Coagulants (Warfarin/Aspirin/Dabigatran).